Student Pledge

The Cascade Culinary student pledge helps students stay focused and achieve their education and career goals.

  1. I will treat everyone with respect
  2. I will wear my uniform with pride – Crisp and clean
  3. I will be a model of professionalism
  4. I will always maintain a positive learning attitude
  5. I will be committed to environmental stewardship
  6. I will always put teamwork first
  7. I will be accountable for my personal behavior
  8. I will always respect the tools of my trade
  9. I will always give my personal best
  10. I will not compromise safety or sanitation
  11. I will always be organized and prepared – Mise en Place
  12. I will always work with a sense of urgency
  13. I will always strive for clear and effective communication
  14. I will practice the skills I need to achieve mastery
  15. I will listen to my instructors attentively
  16. I am committed to my education on a daily basis
  17. I am committed to asking for help when needed
  18. I am committed to service-learning to the greater community
  19. I am committed to being an engaged contributor to learning
  20. I am committed to the pursuit of my career dreams and goals